is designed to allow Kathleen Bitetti to invite guest artists to work with her on specific aspects of the Project. is also designed not only to promote itself, but to also to promote the individual art careers and the work of the guest artists. Some of the guest artists have been Melody Fortier/Tangerine Boutique, Joanne Kaliontzis, Cynthia von Buhler, and Laura Wulf. Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Solar Michalski is graciously acting as the project’s muse.

The Princess:

Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Solar Michalski, who is of Polish Royal decent and Italian Noble decent, is presently pursuing a degree in art history at an undisclosed university in the greater Boston area. Among her many interests are women’s issues, improving the status of women, contemporary art, fashion (vintage clothing and emerging/contemporary designers), protecting the environment, and working towards world peace. She is an avid reader and is also very interested in encouraging literacy and education- especially for girls and women. She is an avid collector of contemporary art and is also a collector of dragonflies, dragonfly imagery, and dragonfly folklore.

Guest Artists/Collaborators:

Robert Stepnoski and Kathleen Bitetti are the people behind the 2003 redesign of and websites. Founded in 1997, Step Technologies Incorporated offers a single point of contact for small to mid-sized firms. Step is owned and operated by Robert Stepnoski, a sole proprietor who is educated both in Systems Administration and Architecture. The need for someone who can understand the Architecture practice and technology was there. Step resides in between the two by incorporating a proactive maintenance plan to the client's network infrastructure to ensure systems continue to run smoothly. Step provides growing businesses with a complete solution to their computer networking needs. He works with his clients on a partnership basis, defining business objectives to develop the right solution to meet those needs.

Monique Deschaines is a photographer and new media/graphic designer. In 2002, she collaborated with Bitetti on the branding of and also of HRH's website. Her current on-going photography project addresses the dynamic tension between thought and physical presence. Deschaines has shown her work at the Artists Foundation, the Photographic Resource Center, Merrimack College, and at the Fuller Museum.

Joanne Kaliontzis who was formally trained and works as a graphic designer, creates vibrant color images that she calls “digital pop art”. Kaliontizis collaborated with Bitetti on three exhibits of In 2001 on “Royally F**ked” a group exhibition and “The Princess Project- Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”, @ Louis Boston, and in 2000 on “Fairytales of Domesticity” a group exhibition at Clark Gallery. She has also helped to stage and documents some of HRH’s appearances and was on two panels in connection with the Project during 2000-01.

Joanne's website:

Other guest artists:
Cynthia von Buhler, Laura Wulf , Jowhara Saud, Pia Schacher, and
Lalla A. Essaydi, etc..